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Charles Dickens

  Charles John Huffman Dickens was born in Portsmouth on 7 February in 1812.

  He came from a very poor family, he was one of eight children. Dickens had an unhappy childhood because his father, who spent more money than he earned, brought a series of crisises upon his family and went to prison for debts. Charles had already experienced extreme poverty at the age of twelve when he had to work in a factory at Hungerford Stairs, washing and labeling bottles for six shillings a week. He worked in a factory ten hours a day. Every day he walked four miles back to the house where he lived. These years of hard work and suffering inspired him to write some of his novels. When he realized he had an ability to write well he became a newspaper reporter. He soon became one of the \\\"Morning Chronicle`s\\\" best journalist. He wrote short stories for numerous magazines. He also wrote sketches. He began to publish them in various papers and magazines; they were all collected in \\\"Sketches by Boz\\\", between 1836-7.

  These all sketches and stories were funny descriptions of people he met; they were described as colorful and lively people who nail their colours to the mast. Good people were for Dickens very good, bad people, however, were horrible. Dickens began his great popularity with \\\"The Pickwick Papers\\\" - a humorous and satirical interpretation of the middle-class- published between 1836-7. Other very famous works were: \\\"Oliver Twist\\\" (1837) showing \\\" the principle of good surviving through every adverse circumstance\\\" and attacking the abuses of the Poor Law and exposed the workhouse system, \\\"Nicholas Nickleby\\\" (1838-9) exposing the \\\"farming\\\" schools of Yorkshire and their severe mistreatment of children. \\\"The Old Curiosity Shop\\\" (1840-1) was not his best novel, but the main character Little Nell was made very popular. Years spent in America inspired him to write \\\"Martin Chuzzlewit\\\" (1843-4). It is a kind of a sermonic book showing a murder and with the plot making serious subject seem silly just to amuse the readers. Between 1849-50 Dickens wrote \\\"David Copperfield\\\" where the main theme is the betrayal of Little Emily and Mr Peggoty`s search for the girl. In his later books \\\"Bleak House\\\" (1852-3), \\\"Hard Times \\\" (1854) and \\\"Great Expectations\\\" (1861) he expressed his social criticism. \\\"Bleak House\\\" is a great book, its main thread spun from a long drawn-on Chancery suit. \\\"Hard Times\\\" presented the low standards, lack of care and money and misery of a textile town. \\\"Great Expectations\\\", restrained both in its melodrama and romantic atmosphere, is the story of the development of Philip Pirrip, a village boy. His last novel - a detective fiction- \\\"The Mystery of Edwin Drood\\\" was unfinished on his death in 1870.

  Charles Dickens was buried in Poet`s Corner in Westminster Abbey and remains one of the greatest novelists in the English literature.

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